Don't let your data out of your site!

The World’s Most Secure and
Cost Effective Data Cleansing Solution!

Hard drives and other digital storage devices can pose a security risk if not cleansed or destroyed. Witnessing the destruction of this material is the ultimate assurance your risks have been mitigated.

Trust Hesstech to perform certified destruction services at your location.

As a founding member of the e-Steward program, the nation's most robust environmental standard, you can rest assured materials are recycled properly.

Competitive Pricing

Using advanced technology and a simple process you receive the industry's most competitive pricing.

Expert Services

Let Hesstech's ten plus years of experience work for you. Trained technicians skilled in optimizing processing technology, save you time and the expense of using internal personnel.

Environmentally Safe

By now you've probably heard about unscrupulous electronics recyclers. Hesstech is renowned for its unwavering commitment to environmentally sound services. Our process is transparent and residual materials are tracked until they become raw materials.

Pays for Itself

To reduce or eliminate costs we apply recovery value for reusable electronic components and systems. Monitors, printers, peripherals, and the shells from laptops, computers and servers can return significant remarket value. We also buy office electronics other company assets to help offset service fees. You may receive cash back!

Professional Advisors

Test your security and environmental policies.

Mitigate risks and eliminate costly inefficiencies.

To arrange for a professional consultation call:
1-800-958-1404 x14

The Program is Simple!

  1. We assess your needs and document your security requirements
  2. Our trucks equipped with data cleansing appliances and a shredder arrive at the scheduled time/date
  3. Trained technicians perform data cleaning and/or shredding services and provide a certificate of destruction for materials processed
  4. Processed drives and other electronics are removed and shipped to Hesstech for asset recovery or recycling
  5. A credit is issued for any items that are refurbished or reconditioned for resale